About Fran

I started mosaicing about 15 years ago. I purchased some small pieces of glass from a well-known hardware store, a glass cutter and a rectangle wooden board. I made a mat underneath the kettle. From there I made a sign Fran’s Studio. I have both of these still today.

My partner moved an office desk outside and put up a couple of shelves for me…this was my modest studio.

From there I mosaiced a couple of tables, trays and anything else my mind thought of.

I started making the sun catchers and had a market stall at various markets. I still do that today. I like to announce where and when I go to them in case people are interested.

I have added to my stock and have various items such as pots and welcome signs.

I also make custom made signs to order.

A few years later I contemplated passing my knowledge on. I come from a family of teachers and thought I was up for the challenge….so I began mosaic beginner’s workshops. The first being in June 2021.

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